This will be a slightly long post filled with squee-ing rabid fangirl content. My apologies. I went to the RFL Clothing Fair yesterday at 10AM, right when it opened. I braved the lag and got some really amazing things. I will show you my favorites here, and things you absolutely must not miss.

RFL - Nicky Ree

When I first TP'ed to the fair, I made a straight bee-line to Nicky Ree, who had a limited edition Mara gown in red. There are only 75 copies of this gown, so I wanted to be sure I'd get one. Naturally, that was the first place I hit. Comes in several options, with 4 different skirts to wear. :D

RFL - Icing

Next, I hit Icing. I had previously bought the Hathaway gown in red, so naturally - I had to get the limited pink edition. So, I got that as well as Azalea Sunset, the other RFL item. ^^

RFL - Sparkle Skye

Still excited from Sparkle Skye's hunt, as soon as I seen this Mon Cherie gown, I had to have it. I just wish that this RFL one came with a ball gown. *sigh* Ah well.

RFL - Solange

Solange's Devotion. This dress is absolutely adorable, I had so much fun taking pictures of it. This came with the matching shoes (which are totally cute!) as well. I just love this outfit - I don't think I ever want to take it off XD

RFL - Tuli

This is another outfit I couldn't stop taking pictures of. Tuli's RFL 2008. This also came with many pieces I was not expecting. The shoes, headband, and even the necklace (made by Muse) were included in the package! O_O Pretty amazing.

RFL - Evie's Closet

Also, don't forget to pick up this amazing Evie's Closet freebie - a recolor of the Romany Kiss gown. It is beautiful - and free :D Can't beat that at all.

RFL - The Crystal Queendom

I saved the best for last though! I've blogged The Crystal Queendom several times before, and its no secret that it is one of my most favorite shops. They are participating in RFL, and have put out the amazing yellow gown as their RFL item. I ran out of picture room for it, so I only took one - but trust me - its gorgeous. The purple one, pictured to the left, is their oddly cute Gypsy Princess during the Clothing Fair. For $2L, its totally awesome. :D

So, that said, this years RFL is an awesome event, and everyone should go to check it out. PLEASE make the sims better for everyone and detach all your prims as well as your scripted objects before you TP!! Lag there is terrible - so please be respectful to your fellow shoppers and take off your prims.

Careful with buying things with the way SL is lately though - I purchased some silks from a Dark Eden RFL vendor, and didn't receive the product. After contacting 2 people about it - I still have not received it. TT_TT *Annoyed* Ah well, I'll have to go buy it a second time, it looks like. Good thing my lindens are going to a good cause over this.

SLURL: RFL CLothing Fair 2008, Rezzable Design, (251, 251, 20)

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    RFL CLothing fair was too short ;) So much goodness and only a week long. *sigh*