ZOMG! More Yabusaka jewelry! I swear, I just can not get enough of it. Every time something from them is released, I turn into major squealing, rabid fangirl. Every single piece of jewelry it is just so well done and a total piece of art work, that it just calls to me.

Yabusaka - 08 Set

This definitely screamed at me. Its sculpted, and I drool at every single sculptie that Yabusaka has ever made. Ok, ok - focusing back to the jewelry set. This is the latest creation from Yabusaka, simply called "08". The 08 set has a necklace as well as bracelets for both arms, which is great, because many jewelry designers only make one bracelet, if at all. But, just look at the detail that this set has! Texturing is fantastic, and it's so beautifully done. ^.^

If you have not been to Yabusaka yet - omg. You *MUST* go!

What: 08 Pendant - $300L, 08 Bracelets - $200L
Where: Yabusaka, Honmoku (99, 200, 31)
What Else: Hair from Deviant Kitties, tank from TorridWear. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

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