Something a bit different in this post, but I was totally excited about them! Sparkle Skye and Alienbear is giving away gorgeous gifts to their group members! They both are setting out a new piece of a complete set each week leading up until St. Patrick's Day.

Sparkle Skye Dress

This week's Sparkle Skye dress is this amazing Shamrock SweetHeart mini dress, and next week, (starting March 7th) the "Tea Dress" will be available. Its the same amazing quality of her other works, and the perfect outfit to roam around the grid on St. Patty's day. ^^ BTW, I meant to go get green shoes, but was a bit lazy - so don't mind my silver ones for now :P

Alienbear Pattys Day Set 01

I am Alienbear's number one fan, so I just *have* to get a closeup of this. It is made to match the Sparkle Skye set, and she is doing the same concept. This week, this set will be available, next week, another set will come out. And so on. Its amazing, and Alienbear is so kind to her group members. I don't think I'll ever leave her group. ^^

If you are group members of Sparkle Skye's or Alienbear, and missed the notice (omg, I've been missing soooooo many lately!), check your past notice history and get the information on how you can grab them!

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