Happy Easter everyone! This will be a different style of blog post because I've been doing massive amounts of egg hunting throughout the grid, getting such wonderful free items from various designers. I love holidays in SL because I adore all the great freebies that come out. Especially this Easter - I've been on so many hunts, its kept me busy! I'm going to show you my outfit I'm wearing today - filled with all kinds of Easter freebie goodness!

Sai's Easter Outfit

If there was only 2 hunts I would recommend you complete, it would be the LIX Designs hunt as well as the Vain Inc. one. LIX has such great jewelry items (I am wearing the bunny necklace and matching earrings) in their hunt, as well as some cute clothing items you can wear for every day. :D Vain Inc. is a grid wide hunt, and the eggs are not difficult to find either. The shirt I am wearing came from the Canimal egg.

Don't forget the normal freebies too! Hi-Flo gifted her Subscribe-o-Matic members with an adorable bracelet that I haven't taken off since I received it. And Truth has some beautiful hair fatpacks for $1L for a limited time (Danny 2 in sable is pictured here).

I had a blast this Easter gathering freebies and hunting - Thank you, to each designer who was kind enough to offer such great freebies to us :D *huggles* Now, I am off to find a pretty sim to do some inventory organizing....

You can find the SLURLs on the In-World Locations page :D

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    Lovely post Sai! I enjoy reading your blog! Just a question for you: where did you get the jeans? They look great on you too! Thanks,

  2. Ah, the jeans are part of an outfit from Last Call. Last call will be closing down for good at the end of the month, so hurry up and grab a few pairs while you can.

    In my opinion, they make the best pants... ever. :D

    Dazzle (52, 8, 28)