This will be like, two posts in one, so be warned :D

Hexed Alt - Attitude Skirt

First - this adorable skirt. I love this, and I love almost everything that comes out of the amazing store called Hexed. I wish I had the lindens to buy everything there! XD The texturing is great, easily moddable to my smaller shape, and totally cute. ^^

What: Attitude Skirt in black -$200L
Where: Hexed Alt, Hex (154, 52, 39)
What Else: Shoes by 69 (see information below!), top by Wrong, and bracelets by Last Call. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

69 - Ring Hunt

Now, no doubt you've heard about the hunt at 69 by now. If you haven't gotten your 6 shoes yet - HURRY NOW! I so love the shoes by 69, and this is one hunt that you just CAN NOT miss! You look for rings scattered about the new main shop, and they are filled with shoe awesomeness. They are not real tiny, nor really big - but just the right size to find. They are not all that difficult to find - and even if they were, the prizes are totally worth it! Hurry and go! :D

SLURL: 69, Miyabi (31, 237, 502)

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    I love the layering of the skirt :) It's like a fancy dress...but not :)