Happy Monday, all! I had one busy weekend, so I apologize if this post may be a little rambled and difficult to understand - I need some coffee!

Anyway, I've had this beautiful jewelry set sitting in my inventory for like, forever - and I was inspired to dig it out and take pictures of it when I heard our local Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up next month. :D

Sakura Set

This is the Sakura Set in silver - a collaboration between Petit Ange and one of my most favorite shops, Yabusaka (as I've blogged them soooo many times before! ^^). It features an adorable sakura pattern, that I just love to pieces. The gems are texture change, but I only pictured 6 of the 7 of them. So, its like, several necklaces in one! XD

This set comes with a necklace, earrings, bracelet and a ring. I didn't picture the bracelet and ring, because my image would have been really huge - but, you can be assured they are just as beautiful as the shown pieces. ^^

What: Sakura Set in Silver - $560L
Where: Petit Ange, Honmoku (80, 230, 22)
What Else: Hair by Truth, top by Tuli. See the In-World Locations page for SLURLs.

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    So nice to see you feature these - I was waiting anxiously since I saw them "coming soon" at Petit Ange and just bought a set last week.

    So very kawaii and perfect for this time of year.