When someone mentioned how awesome TheAbyss is in a fashion group, I wanted to go check it out. So, I did, and I was completely shocked at why I haven't heard of this place before. The first thing I noticed was the build. It was absolutely incredible! If you don't want to shop, you should at least check out the amazing city they have going on there.


Once I finished marveling at the building, I had to go inside and do some shopping... what I do best. O.o I picked up only one hair, though I wish I could have grabbed some more. This hair is adorable, I'm totally in love with it!


Browsing around, I also spotted this combat belt I couldn't leave without. This is probably the most amazingly detailed thing I've ever purchased. It has incredible texturing, with shadows, highlights and awesome use of sculpted prims. AND - It fit me without any modifications~ which is a first!

What: Oxygen in Full Moon - $250L, and NAU Combat Belt - $200L
Where: TheAbyss, The Abyss (96, 136, 237)

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    That hair is SOOOO cute!!

  2. Hehe~ I totally agree! This shop was just filled with cute hairs, I had trouble deciding which one I wanted to take home with me O_o

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    I went there, bought some hairs and took some pics. LOVE THAT PLACE!!

  4. I read your entry on it, and you took some amazing pictures there! *Secretly stalks Ana's blog*

    Its definitely one of my favorite places.... I really need to go back and take some better pics ^_^