While SecondLife is being wonky, what is there to do? Blog! So - I've had these sitting in my inventory for a while, and now I decided to finally blog them. I visited Savvy Avvy a while ago, and fell in love with all the awesome goodness there. They have such awesome clothing items there, I was shocked I hadn't heard of them before.


I can never resist a cute hoodie. This was just too cute, and I boggled for 10 minutes wondering which color I wanted. Because I couldn't take all of them home with me, I decided on the Baby Pink. I love the shading, highlights and creases in it, they look the closest to realistic I've seen yet - which is awesome. And the pocket - omg. Its just too cute.


This is the reason I stopped by there. For this awesome black Leather Trench Coat. It was love at first sight for me. It comes with prim cuffs for your arms, a prim collar, and several options. You can wear it open, closed, or open with the included bra. And the texture on this is incredible. No picture would do it justice. Its just - really awesome. It was super long on me, so I had to edit it a bit to fit the way I like... but it was so worth it. I love this coat to pieces.

What: Leather Trench Coat - $450L (but is $400L on the other side of the shop O.O), Velor Hoody in Baby Pink - $150L
Where: Savvy Avvy, Hake (68, 90, 21)

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    love the trench coat