Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I decided to post here while I hide from the RL family. O_o So~ I came across these really beautiful eyes a few days ago, and thought I'd share them with you all. I am not a giant fan of realistic-like eyes, and it is surprisingly difficult to find really good, fantasy eyes. So, I went into Dreamin'g Alice when I heard about a Christmas freebie, and stopped in my tracks when I seen these eyes on the wall.

Real Glass Eyes

It seems to be more of a skin shop, than anything else, but the eyes are incredible. These are the "Real Glass Eyes" package, which includes 7 eye colors (red, violet, green, blue, brown, gray and black) for only $70L. Awesome price for these beautiful eyes.

Nights Eyes

While I was there - I also picked up these "Nights Eyes", which was on the wall next to the glass ones for only $20L! These have two colors - blue and violet. The pictures here don't do them very much justice, but believe me - they are amazing. They have little stars in them, that I am absolutely in love with. However - I really like bright blue shades of eyes - and these are not bright enough for my taste. I would love for the creator to make like, an electric blue shade of this eye.

What: Real Glass Eyes - $70L and Nights Eyes - $20L
Where: Dreamin'g Alice, Honmoku (109, 166, 26)

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    really lovely eyes :) thanks for sharing~