Maya Dresses

I heard that Fantasies, Ink in the new Lame Mall was having a 1 day sale, so I hurried over there. (That was like 2 days ago though, and the sale seems to be still on - perhaps she prolonged it until Monday?) I picked up a fat pack of these adorable Maya dresses, but I only pictured the white version. In the fat pack, you get the following colors: cotton candy, lavender, mint, peaches, sky and white. Also - you get the skirt, glitch pants, sweater, and the stockings~ a total steal at only $50L a piece! I originally went out to find an outfit for the scarf in the second picture, and when I saw this outfit - I knew I had to have it. It looks so cute~ I love the amount of detail on this dress - especially on the buttons. They actually look like buttons! O_o

Fantasies, Ink Skins

I also picked up two skins while this sale was going on. I am a huge fan of hand drawn skins, so these really caught my eye. The one on the left is the Ana Tone in Black, and the one on the right is the Ana tone in Black Bandit. Both of these were on sale for $99L each.

I'm not really sure when this sale ends, so you should really hurry there!

SLURL: Fantasies Ink, Fuzzy (140, 10, 35)

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    hee! thanks so much for plugging our store. Khaede's clothes are always that price by the way. ;) People were enjoying the sale so much I just haven't gotten around to raising the prices back....i like living on the edge LOL

    ~ Fae

  2. The clothes are always priced like that?! O_O OMG, thats so awesome~ I love those dresses, and at that price - its a total steal!

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    yep, we like to keep our prices down...we are not well known and we want to get on the map as quality at low prices. :)

  4. Wow, thats really cool~ I'll definitely be back to your shop for sure ^_^