I think Icing is the folder in my inventory that is growing the quickest. Miko Omegamu's dresses are just so darn cute, they fuel the girly side of me. (I don't always go around the grid as a neko!) So, hurried over to her location at Lame when I read she was having a discontinuation sale on 3 items. There are a total of 4 adorable dresses out on tables in the front of the shop for $75L.

Icing Sales

I picked up the Garden Party dress, as well as the Pink Peonies dress. They are so cute, I love them to pieces. And - for $75L, it can't get any better than that! If you want to pick up one of these dresses, they will be $75L until Monday - after that, they will be gone forever!

A note about the Pink Peonies - I don't think this is one of the items to be discontinued. They are on a separate table from the three listed on the blog, but its still $75L. O_o

What: Pink Peonies - $75L, Garden Party - $75L
Where: Icing, Fuzzy (220, 50, 34)

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