Ok. So, I think Tami McCoy's shop is my new favorite place to get hair. I purchased several hairs (though, they are a pain to fit - I attempted to fit a few, but the others ended in complete editing failure), but... they are just so darn cute! The ones pictured are Babycakes (left) and Cupcake (right), both in the Midnight shade. The Babycakes style came with a really cute ribbon to wrap around one of the buns, but I didn't put it on - none of the colors matched the look I was going for.

I really like the textures on these - the black looks very glossy and shiny, which I really like. I would really love to try out the blonde colors, because they look awesome as well, from what I have seen in the pictures. Perhaps the next Tami McCoy style I grab, I'll make sure to pick up a copy in blonde. But, these styles are very cute. They also look awesome with my neko ears, a definite must for my hair!

The prices ($250L for one shade) are a little higher than the average hair - but they are worth it. I'll definitely be visiting Hair Styles by Tami McCoy again! ^_^

What: Babycakes and Cupcake both in Midnight - $250L each
Where: Hair Styles by Tami McCoy, Dixie (87, 90, 22)

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    Super cute. Even cuter are your ears. Mind sharing where you got them? Thanks!

  2. Of course ^_^ The ears are the "Wicked Neko Ears" in black by SkinPop. SLURL: SkinPop, Siam (23, 61, 27)

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    What a great blog, Sai. You have excellent taste. I'll come back again and again to pick up good ideas.

  4. Aww~ thank you Therese!

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    Thank you so much Sai. And I agree with Theres... Good job!

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    it's the SKIN i love i haven't found a good dark makeup skin that suits my shape yet. could i please have the name of the place you got that one? i'll demo it to see if that one works for me. thankyou ..on the off chance you wanna share =)