Nicky Ree's Mara

OMG, when I read that Nicky Ree released this gorgeous pink limited edition Mara gown, I tped over before I could even finish reading the blog post. With one look at the pictures, I had nearly fallen out of my chair with particle hearts emitting out of my eyes. As expected from Nicky Ree, these gowns are spectacular. Detail is amazing, the beads are absolutely adorable, and highlighting is phenomenal.

Nicky Ree's Mara 2

There will be only 100 of these gowns to be sold, and they come at the price of $1500L, which will all go to the SHINE charity. You get 4 prim skirt options, as well as the system skirt. Such a beautiful dress, plenty of options for different occasions, and you support a charity! All awesome reasons to go buy this. When I went there right before posting this, there were still several available. Hurry and get one, they won't last long!

What: Mara Limited Edition in Pink - $1500L
Where: Nicky Ree, Tropical Orchid (230, 129, 31)

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