Color Me Couture - Hair

As soon as I tried on the review copies I was sent from Color Me Couture, I knew I had to blog them. Why? Because one of them were just so unlike any other hair I've seen in SL. I am talking about the one on the left, Elise. I have never seen a hairstyle like this that completely covers the avatar's eyes. Definitely creative. The texture on this hair is incredible, it has great highlights, shadows, and really rich red tones. Ah - and I can't forget that this hair has tons of my favorite thing: flexi.

The one on the right, Carolyna, is a bit more girly. While this one doesn't have any flexi, it is still very cute. I found this style of hair to go perfect with a sweater. ^_^ And again, the textures on this hair are really great.

What: Elise in Auburn and Carolyna in Brown, $99L each
Where: Color Me Couture, Unilink (211, 185, 24)

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    Please... please! Where is that shirt from!

  2. Ah, the shirt is the Transplant Shirt from Kalico Kreations, Innocence (218, 94, 22)

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    whats so unique about these hairs? not to be rude but i dun see anything really different or unique making me wanna jump out and buy them.

  4. What caught my eye is that the bangs cover the eyes completely on the Elise hair. I haven't seen that often. I also think the textures are well done. The pictures doesn't do these justice, and I didn't do a closeup, I would suggest you go and pick up a demo in-world. You just might find something incredible there. ^_^