I've had these for some time but was too lazy to take pictures of them. So - here they are, League's Grunge Festival Jeans. What I like most about this pair of jeans is that it makes my butt look kinda cute. I also really like the rips - they are very well done and make them look like a well used pair of jeans. And - these come with sculptie leg attachments, to give it more of a realistic feel. If you don't like prim leg attachments, you can wear them without as well.

Weird thing though - when I bought them they were called "Grunge Festival Jeans" but now, it seems like they are called "Woodstock Jeans". For only $145L, these jeans are an awesome deal though ^_^

What: Woodstock Jeans (Grunge Festival Jeans?) - $145L
Where: League, Choi (188, 78, 56)

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    *flails* I'm going shopping tonight. Those are great.

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    Ooooh like them! Not been to this store before.