Hmm, ok, so I've had this hoodie for a while, I just never got around to blogging it. So, here it is: the Maitreya Jam Hoodie in Black. What I absolutely love is the hand attachments. They make the hoodie look so much more realistic by draping over the hands - I still wish more designers would do this kind of thing in their creations. Its such a nice effect to have. The arm, hand and hood attachments are all sculpted, and I kid you not - these sculpties are incredibly done. They look so awesome, and actually looks like one of my favorite real life hoodies. The folds are incredible on these as well. This hoodie is total love ^_^

You can wear this hood either up or down, but I chose to only picture the down hood for the reason that when I attached the hood up, it shared the same attachment point as my face light. I tried to attach and position it to another point, but it ended in utter failure. So after much rotations and positioning - I got frustrated. So, the down version is good for me.

Also, I seen that there is an add on for this hoodie. Next to the hoodie vendor sits various hair with the prim hood attached that you can wear in place of the hood up attachment. If you are interested in purchasing this awesome piece of clothing, you should also check out the add on.

What: Jam Hoodie in Black - $275L
Where: Maitreya, Superieure (99, 47, 451)

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    *Whines quietly* But where is the hair from?

  2. Ah yes, that is the Devo hair from Deviant Kitties - one of my favorite hairs ever. ^_^

    SLURL: Deviant Kitties, Deviant Kittes (36, 52, 26)