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Sioxie Legend gave me some review copies of her latest creation: the Tuxedo Cocktail Dress. I've been to her shop on several occasions, and bought many awesome items there - so I was really excited to get a good look at the Tuxedo Dress. The first thing I noticed was that this comes in a variety of colors. 9, to be exact. I only pictured 6 (pink, emerald, crimson, gold, white and black), but there are also baby blue, blue and peuce colors.

It also came with many different ways to wear it. You can wear it with an full lace undershirt, with or without gloves, with lace cami, or - no lace at all. I chose my favorite combination, which was with gloves, the full lace undershirt, the bow tie (omg, that little sculpted bow tie is the cutest thing I've seen all day!), the top, and the glitch pants/skirt.

Tuxedo Dress Detail

The detail on these are stunning. I absolutely love the obvious satin presence in the dress, and the folds look adorable. The lace is beautiful, and well done as well. However - my favorite part of the dress really isn't something you can see in the pictures. I really like how the flexi moves. It doesn't take a long time to fall to the ground, like most dresses do. When my partner and I go dancing, we always avoid the faster dances, because they seem to make all my dresses spaz (panels are so slow to move with the body, they end up going in all different directions). This one doesn't seem to be that way. I even started dancing while taking these pictures in the photosphere to test this out. I'm sure I looked pretty weird. O_o

Ah - And I also want to mention that Sioxie Legend is also having a big sale in celebration of her rez day! All her items are 30-50% off, including this Tuxedo Cocktail Dress. So, if you want to get this dress, it will only be $200L during this awesome sale. After that, it will go back to normal price at $300L.

What: Tuxedo Cocktail Dress - $300L per color
Where: Second Wave Apparel, Plush Gamma (96, 205, 21)

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    I ADORE this dress and the texturing. The options are amazing :)