Simone! Is having a sale~ I was debating blogging about it, because I was quite disappointed with some of my purchases. Main reason being - some items pictured appeared to have full prim skirts, when in reality they were a prim skirt/system skirt mix. I hate any type of system skirt, so these were a major let down for me. Oh well. I did buy some interesting wedding gowns though.

wedding dress 01

Yes - I know what you might be saying - Wedding gowns?! Despite me being a punky neko, I do have a girlie side that likes to dress up in elaborate wedding dresses. My criteria for gowns is simple: first - its an absolute must that a dress completely covers my feet with heels on, second - detail. Despite how simple those things are - it is quite difficult to find good dresses like that in SL. From the three gowns I purchased at Simone, I will be back there - considering they meet my criteria ^_^

wedding dress 02

Anyway. These gowns are really beautiful, and very detailed. Since I'm already happily 'married' to my partner, Bats, I doubt I would wear these again. But - it was fun and worth the money to have a good dress up session. Which girl doesn't like to dress up?

wedding dress 03

This sale has several (actually, TONS) of Simone items for only $100L! Incredible deals on some of this stuff, like these gowns. I think I read that this sale will continue until the end of November.

SLURL: Simone! Designs, Simone (123, 154, 36)

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    Simone is having another sale...? WOOT!

    *runs to get more gorgeous gowns*