Tired of orange and black things yet? Well, I am. I have enough Halloween-inspired things to last me a lifetime. So, today I'll be showing the Harvest Faerie gown by Sparkle Skye. This post will also be slightly different than my normal style, because it is nearly impossible to get different views of a poofy ball gown in one picture. :D So, I guess this can be a LOTD/partial review blog post?


I was always the type of girl who never really liked Halloween, but loved dressing up in cute little outfits. I leaned more towards the cute gowns, rather than vampire, ghost or scary things. So, my choice of look today is definitely a gown!


I think this gown would also be fantastic after Halloween as well. It has pumpkins on it, but pumpkins are seasonal until at least Thanksgiving... right? It's also a very photogenic gown, which, I found that all Sparkle Skye's gowns are.


Oh, and I also hear.... that its on sale until tomorrow! So, if you want this beautiful gown (also comes with wings, wand, and matching accessories) at a fantastic price, gogogo now! ^^

Wearing: Gown by Sparkle Skye, hair by Detour, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    wow, very pretty gown! :))