Hi :D So, I lengthened my arms quite a bit the other day, because I had a sudden paranoia episode and thought I looked like a T-Rex, and I'm still deciding if I look like a monkey now. xD But, anyway, my latest look (and yes, I know the headband is super bright):


Details: Headband by Chapeau tres Mignon, hair by Zero Style, necklace and bracelet by Muse, dress by Hucci, legwarmers by Cubic Effect (tinted slightly darker), footwear by Maitreya, prim nails by Pixel Mode.

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    Yay! I am so glad your back to blogging and I love your idea of using older stuff. BTW where is that skin form it is very pretty on you.

  2. Thank you!

    And, the skin is from Belleza, from the Jesse line, I believe. This particular makeup was a group gift a few weeks back though. :D

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    Your arms look just right Sai! LL has odd proportions to arms and heads, which look silly on really tall people.