Day 6 of my Sai's Favorites from RFL Clothing Fair 2009 - is the last I have, and happens to be my favorite of all. Alienbear's Kielo, and her RFL $5L gifts, Zivanit.

I am total suck at taking pictures of jewelry, so please bear with my bad pictures xD


Shown above is the Keilo set, and comes with both necklace, and earrings. Totally pretty!


If there was one item I suggest -everyone- pick up, is this Zivanit set. I believe the necklace was $5L, and the earrings were to be bought separately, but the same price. So, you would pay $10L total for this fantastic necklace/earring set. Definitely don't leave the fair without grabbing it.

Alienbear's booth can be found on sim 2, The Caspian Sea (127, 131, 23).

And that concludes my Favorites from the Clothing Fair. I hope it helped some people decide what to buy. If not, I tried. :D My normal LOTD posts will continue shortly!

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    I like your idea of featuring favorites Sai! It did help me; I struggled in to pick up a couple of them I wouldn't have known about otherwise. (display card harfed this week) Thanks