I got a extremely lucky chance to check out the RFL sims today, and I ran around and swiped up everything I could, as fast as I could. I am currently extremely happy, equipped with fantastic limited edition items from a good portion of my favorite designers, and a boatload of freebies. So, I want to spend this week highlighting some of my favorites from this year's Relay For Life Clothing Fair.

Day one - is Analise's Marishka. I secretly love these "harem" type outfits (I think that's the right word?), they are so beautiful, so I bee-lined to Analise to pick this up when I got to the clothing fair.


The RFL Clothing Fair event opens its doors tomorrow morning at 10am SLT. So when it opens, remember that Analise is located on the 3rd sim: The Persian Gulf (128, 130, 23). Also remember to take off attachments and scripted items before you go to cut down on some of the lag. ^^

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    Oh it's gorgeous, though not sure if I would ever wear it... Then again my inventory is full of outfit I never wear :p

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    Is this Sara Shamma painting?