Ok, ok, I know the new Zaara top is something that will be blogged non stop for the next coming weeks, but I had to share my take on it. I started with the top, then it kinda went from there, adding something, adding something else, until I got to this.


Wearing: Hair by Aden (was a group gift), mouth razor by Nomine, ears by Illusions, scarf by massimo, top by Zaara Indian Couture, jeans by Last Call (no longer available), shoes by Pixel Mode, armwarmers by Maitreya, tattoos by Aitui. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

And a special thanks to the super adorable Aisuru, who did a tribute challenge, and included Fashion Labyrinth in it. It gave me motivation to blog again, knowing people still stick around my blog even though I am somewhat M.I.A. due to my stupid computer issues. :D

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