This gift from Deviance is absolutely adorable, I just *had* to blog about it. To get it, just go to the store and look for a little yellow star. ^^


Wearing: Outfit by Deviance, hair by Maeva (previous group gift), feets by SLink, jewelry by Violet Voltaire. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    Gorgeous! :)

    What is the lovely skin you're wearing?

  2. That would be a Gala skin - one of the new-ish 'Breeze' faces. :D

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    I have the curio line :)
    ty! :)

    Still searching for that elusive star lol

  4. I actually think the star is gone now. I went yesterday to grab a pair of jeans, and didn't see the star there anymore :(

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    aww lol thanks for the tip :)
    I searched for an hour...

    I'm subscribed to the group now...won't miss another sale or prezzie :)