Hai! I've been wanting a fedora hat for a while, but could never find a good outfit to go with one. So, I poked around my inventory and came up with something I am quite pleased with. ^^


Wearing: Fedora by League, hair by ETD, muffler by Docomo (was a freebie a while ago, I'm unsure if its still there), necklace by luc, bracelet by Bebe (not sure if this store is still around - I couldn't find it in search), prim nails by Pixel Mode, ears by Discord, top by Nyte'N'Day, pants by Hilarious, shoes by Shiny Things. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Also: these pictures are slightly darker, because I've realized my windlight setting looks totally washed out and light on the new RC candidate client, so I've been experimenting with new settings lately ^^

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