Ok, so I am sorry for my lack of blogging lately! OMG, I recently found out that Final Fantasy: Crisis Core has come out here in the United States - so I had to purchase a PSP and all the stuff, so I can play it XD So, I've been totally PSP obsessed the past few days :P But, I have come back (a bit late!) to write this post on an amazing item at the Fashion Expo 2008. This dress was actually the reason I decided to go to it - its just that beautiful. :D

I have been watching Zaara's Indian Couture for a while on the feeds. I loved the way the clothes looked, but the one particular dress I adored looked like it attached to a pec, and my shape doesn't like that too much - and it bothers me to see my butt and hips jutting out when I move. But, that particular dress was in a special recolor for the RFL Fashion Expo. I decided to give it a try, knowing my money went to a great cause anyway :D


While I occasionally see my hips jut out with my AO, its definitely not as bad as I thought it would be. It is poofy enough that my butt does come out the back, and it covers my AO moves pretty well. So, I love it and will definitely be going back for more colors :D

And I should definitely say something about the textures. OMG. Really, the pictures speak for themselves - they are utterly amazing. ^^Its obvious that the creator loves making clothes and spends quite a bit of time working on her pieces. :D

Hurry and get this though, I hear the expo ends today - and I don't think this adorable dress will be available afterwards. :D

Where: Zaara's Indian Couture @ Fashion Expo 2008
What Else: Hair by Truth, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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