Ok, so now that I am equipped with a much, much more powerful graphics card, I am finally able to run windlight. I am still in the "OMG! SKIES!" mode, while attempting to make avatars look somewhat decent. So, I will be changing settings and experimenting with certain things, probably for the next few weeks.

And yes, I am aware my ears don't match my skin anymore - that is another thing I am trying to fix. XD


But what my post today is about.... are these awesome little sundresses by Iki's Dutch Touch. These were one of the things that I saw and immediately tp'ed to get them. They are sooooo cute, and omg - The bewbage! :D


I loved them so much, I even talked myself into buying a second color, white. These were quite big on my shape, but a quick shrink fixed all that :D

What: Sunny Dress in white and black - $250L each
Where: Iki's Dutch Touch, Willow Beach (30, 216, 32)
What Else: Hair by Aden, manicure by Skin Within, ears by Illusions. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

Side Note: Thanks to all who offered help and tips on my graphics card problem in my last post :D

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