After uninstalling and reinstalling SL (due to a support ticket suggestion the Lindens gave me), I have lost all my windlight settings. I have tried to recreate my favorite blogging setting and I documented it on my more personal blog. So, if you are interested in using my windlight setting, you can now view the settings here. (Note that link is too my non-fashion related blog - and I rant about all kinds of things there) :D

But anyway, its getting really hot here in California, and I am hunting down summery things in my inventory. I was so excited to see this outfit in my "To Be Sorted" folder. :D


This is just the type of outfit I would love to have in my real life. I love how flow-y it is, and makes me want to go run around barefoot in a meadow. ^^ Normally, I dislike the "exposed mid-driff syndrome" thing, but I think it works well with this outfit. It shows a bit of belly, which makes it look more summery to me. :D And zomg - even the sleeves are flexi! (They did take a bit of editing to fit my arms - but it wasn't too bad) :D

Oh, and also note that this is no copy/mod/transfer - so if you are a strict copy/mod/no trans person, you may not like this set.

What: Amy - $250L
Where: Haute Style & Co., Haute Couture (178, 179, 25)
What Else: Ears by Illusions, hair by Detour. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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