Ok, here I am trying again with a different windlight setting. This one is based on Caliah's settings, I just made things a bit brighter, because her's is a tad too dark for me. Its definitely not as bright as last post, but its an improvement. :D I am trying to have a tad bit of originality, while still maintaining the balance of not washing out detail of the clothes I am wearing - which appears to be much harder than it seems XD Any thoughts on this setting would be greatly appreciated. :D This setting seems much softer, and I think I actually really like this one. ^^

Anyway, my post today is on the recent release from the awesome BareRose. Gah~ I love BareRose so much - so when I got the group notice that they released a new jewelry set, I tore myself away from the Illusions lucky chair (omg - I swear that chair hates me!), and went to grab it. :D


The BareRose quality is not sacrificed even in their jewelry sets, thats for sure. It never ceases to amaze me of how low June Dion prices her items. Seriously. This comes with a tiara, necklace, ring, bangles for both arms, and earrings. I only pictured the tiara, necklace and one of the bracelets, but you can be assured the rest are just as amazing :D

What: Lotus Tiara - $140L (for the complete set)
Where: BareRose Haute Couture, Black Cat (201, 225, 27)
What Else: Ears by Illusions, hair by ETD, gown by Nicky Ree, manicure by Skin Within. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    ;_; I think all lucky chairs hate us S people. I have spent many nights running around chairs at my favorite places and never landing on an S. *sniffles*

    I try to not go to BareRose too often ^^: I always end up walking about with about 5 things I didn't know I needed but couldn't live without!

    I like this setting you are using too.

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    Thank you for the wonderful post Sai, glad you liked the set i love it too ^^

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    The set is gorgeous. And yes, the Lucky Chairs hate us all. @_@