Ok, a warning: I am testing another windlight setting out with this post, but I have a question for you readers. When looking at blog pictures, do you prefer standard SL lighting on avatars? Or custom, interesting presets? Ok, wow, that doesn't make much sense. But, lately I have been using Caliah's windlight presets (which looks very normal) for this blog's pictures, and my own settings (... which is slightly bluish and very bright) for viewing everything else. So, I would love your input on what you prefer to see on my blog here. Caliah's setting as seen in my last post, or my settings that can be found in this post. :D (and if someone wants - I could make a special page for my 2 personal windlight settings)

Anyway. On to the post! I've been hoarding loads of stuff from the awesome Petit Ange. When the creator behind this cute store dropped some shoes on me the other day, I was motivated to take pictures of everything and do a post on it. :D


These are the Polka Dots dresses, and they are omg cute! I love them, the colors, the pattern, and the amount of cleavage it shows. :D I love them, but I'm not too sure about how I feel about the transparency. I very rarely wear things with so much transparency that the outlines of my legs show.


Which brings me to the next dresses... these have no transparency, which makes a finicky elf very happy. :D Which is cool as well - these have 3 different skirt options, though I only pictured one (which was my favorite). They have this fluffy skirt, a miniskirt complete with a single prim, as well as system skirt option.


And finally.... the shoes! These come in quite a few color combinations, and have several sculpted parts. They are very cute. I actually wore the brown and gold sandals with the brown check dress pictured above yesterday :D

What: Polka Dots Dresses - $50L each, Check Dresses - $120L each, and Hexagon Star Sandals - $250L each.
Where: Petit Ange, Honmoku (121, 226, 22)
What Else: Hair by Truth, ears by Illusions, pedicure by Skin Within. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    hey Sai :)

    It is a bit bright and it washes out some of the detail, but it's still pleasing to my eye. I use Caliah's settings normally as well, so I'd be curious to know what modifications you made here.

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    I'd say that for blog pictures meant to feature clothes, skin, hair etc, I like 'normal' presets coz I'd like to see what the stuff really looks like. Uh, that doesn't make much sense either :P Well, I sort of mean... at the moment I'm not using Windlight yet (I'm kinda scared to enable it lol) so I only have normal lighting in my viewer anyway ^_^

    If it were just a personal picture where the blogger is posing for fun and is not really trying to review or show off the stuff s/he is wearing, then I think it doesn't matter so much what kind of lighting is being used.

  3. Hmm.... good comments, thanks :D

    I do agree that these are definitely washed out, which is why it took me so long to do a post with them here.

    I am really only in the experimental stage of windlight - the settings are like, omg, intimidating.

    I really like Caliah's, but sometimes, with certain ways I turn, I get really nasty shadows on my face or chest.... so I think I'll go back and create a new, modified version of Caliah's settings for myself.

    Thanks for the input, all :D