Don't want to be a neko or an elf? Be a panda!! OMG, I seen the most adorable ears at Atomic Kitty - Panda ears and matching tail! All I could think was: zomg. I love my elf ears, but I couldn't resist panda ears. to wear for the day. ^^


Aren't they the cutest things ever? XD The ears (as well as the tail!) twitches randomly, so they look semi-real like the neko parts do. :D Though, I noticed with this, I did get a few IMs, asking me what I was supposed to be. I guess because I didn't have a panda skin on, I looked a bit like a normal grizzly bear or something. O.o;;

But I knew what I was, so I knew I was still cute :P

What: Panda in Black - $200L
Where: Atomic Kitty, Atomic (50, 196, 491)
What Else: Hair by Sirena, top and bottoms by The Abyss. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    sai, you were supposed to tell me you were gonna blog panda ears, we could have been but lil animals together....

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    Hi Sai! Love your blog.. you are so cute. One question - what is the usual skin you wear? I went through your blog but couldn't find any info on skins (besides reviews you did which look nothing like the skin here). Is it Gala?
    Thanks so much! :)

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    I mean to leave you a message the other day,I LOVE these panda ears.

    Hmmm, must go pick them up!

    Gidge Uriza