I recently found out that Kin was still making hair! I remember a long time ago, she couldn't get in to SL or something? But, now I guess she is back (well, back to me at least!), and her hair is even better than ever!


I love love love love the hair on the left. It looks so windblown and crazy (kinda like how my RL hair looks after a jetski ride) XD I've been wearing this hair for about 3 days now, and I can't see myself taking it off any time soon. The hair on the right... is a bit more mellow (:P) and easier to handle. The bangs appear to be on a sculpted prim, and the bottom is a tad bit distorted looking, but nothing I can't handle. I an not entirely sure how you *can't* make it distorted looking - the joys of sculpties, I guess. But hey! It's still cute! */me goes to a corner to huggle all her Kin hairs*

What: Mairi in Black- $100L, and Kichi in Black - $100L
Where: Kin, Eventide Far East (165, 209, 45)
What Else: Ears by Illusions, Choker by Curious Kitties. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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