I know, I've been missing these past couple days, but there honestly hasn't been anything that I just *had* to buy lately. But, I did find something for the men out there - and brought in my alt, Nuai to do some hawt swimwear modeling for me. :D


He brings to you: Candidasa from BareRose. It comes in *tons* of colors, though I only pictured the black one, with white towel. And zomg - you also get the necklace as well! Because Nuai is so oddball shaped, I had tons of editing to do to make his prim attachments fit, but for all you smaller, more normal sized guys out there - this probably shouldn't need much editing XD

And, like most BareRose items... its transferable as well, so you can gift it to your special guy, or a friend :D

What: Candidasa - $120L
Where: BareRose HQ, Bare Rose (146, 10, 30)
What Else: Hair by Naughty. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    Sai, where is his skin from? My guy alt needs a decent skin! XD

  2. His skin is from The Abyss - the hawtest skin eva! XD

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    Oooh thank you!! /me runs off to The Abyss XD

  4. Sure ^^

    You have to post pictures of him! :D