Hiiiii! Well, after my frustrations to find something great to blog about, I have come back with some inspiration in the form of Armidi's new release. I know, I know, people don't like to read about new releases that has been done over and over... but hey - I like them. :D


Now, I usually don't like baby doll dresses - my AO always makes them look funky and strange. But, I love the Armidi quality and the amazing textures that are used in this dress. These did come with a total of 3 skirt prim options - one flexi skirt, as well as 2 scuplted prim options. I only pictured the flexi skirt because until scuplted prims can move and flex with the way I walk - I probably won't wear them XD

What: Barlu Flore in Ajan Pink and Parisia - $375L each
Where: Armidi Gisaci, Armidi (90, 132, 31)
What Else: Ears by Illusions, necklace by Alienbear, hair by Aden. See the In-World Locations page for where to buy information.

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    Hi Sai! ^^ I've been watching your blog for a good while now and love the stuff you manage to find but I notice you never link your skin. Hope you don't mind me asking about it, it's just so pretty and reminds me of Celestial Studios skins.

  2. In-World IM sent to you, Pepper :D

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    Thanks so Much Sai! ^^