Ready for my post on the WingFling? ^.^ I know the feed is swarming with posts on it, but I have to add my pictures too :P

Wings are not normally my thing, though I do have a small collection of them for various picture taking scenarios or costumes. (My Halloween costume last year included a pair of Material Squirrel wings). I did go to the WingFling however, to see what interesting things where there ^.^

There were not many vendors there, but the few that were there - I knew well. And omg - I had no idea that one of my favorite stores, Illusions, was participating as well O_O But - not only just participating, but had new releases out! omg.

Illusions - Angelic Head Wings [WingFling]

I had to buy these - they are the cutest darn things I've seen in a while. In fact, when I first seen them, I thought to myself: "OMG! Chibi Moon!" (for you Sailor Moon fans out there, you probably know who I mean.... for non fans, I'll provide a wikipedia link for you). But anyway, they are totally adorable. XD These are color change, so you get several total colors with a single purchase :D

Illusions - Chibi Wings [WingFling]

And if that wasn't filled with enough kawaii-ness for you for one day, there are also these Chibi Wings out! XD They look so soft and plushy, I wish I could squeeze these in RL to see if they are filled with air. :P These, like the head wings, are also color change :D

Illusions - Angel Wings - Spread

Now, these wings have been out for quite some time, but I have always wanted them. I finally decided to take the plunge and buy them today. I am sooo glad I did. They are stunning, makes me want to take more pictures of them, and they have actually inspired me to make some fae poses. I have tons of great pose ideas that suddenly came to me when I attached these to my avatar.

Illusions - Angel Wings Folded

And they even came with folded up versions! These look so beautiful, I really need to find a beautiful garden or sim to take better pictures with these sometime soon.

Seven's Selections - Freebie Wings [WingFling]

Once I pried myself away from the Illusions stall, I wandered into Seven's Selections - to find they had some freebie wings set out. ^.^ I think these are very pretty, and you shouldn't forget to pick them up. :D

The WingFling started today and will go until the 27th, so you still have a bit of time to visit ^.^

In-World Location: WingFling, Platinum (128, 10, 21)
What Else I am Wearing: Hair by Deviant Kitties and Aden, necklace by Alienbear, bracelet by Hi-Flo, and outfit by Cachet.

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