I've had these dresses for a while now, but am just now blogging them here. Bad me! O.o So anyway, a while ago, I seen a fashionista (not sure if she wants her name mentioned) wearing an amazing dress, (and inspecting the prims sent me in some weird shop O.O), so I asked her where she got it. To my surprise, she told me Baiastice. She sent me the LM, and off I went!

Baiastice - Alabastro Dress

Here it is! The amazing Alabastro dress that started my addiction! I love this dress - it looks so fun. Though, I am wondering why the prims list someone other that Sissy Pessoa as the creator. Weird. Also, there is one prim that has the inside textured differently than the rest of the prims. Almost looks like the creator forgot to re-texture that one side when changing the color. Dunno. But - its still pretty!

Baiastice - Pizzo Nero Dress

The next thing I found was this Pizzo Nero dress. It comes with three different variations of the skirt, though I only pictured one. It also came with stockings, that I preferred to leave off. I love the pattern of this dress, and its become one of my favorite outfits. I even blogged this as my "Look of the Day" over on iheartsl.com ^.^

Baiastice - Elegance Dress

When I saw this gown, simply called Elegance Dress, I thought.... "wedding dress?!". And - for you who read my blog often, you probably know my extreme love for wedding dresses. I bought it right away, and realized afterward, that it looked like it required a system skirt (and I HATE them). As soon as I got home and unpackaged it, I was thrilled that there was no system skirt in the box. :D Yay! Its beautiful, and I adore the lace detail in the back the most. ^.^

Baiastice - Mallory Dress

Then a few days later, I hear that the Spring Collection was released. I hot-tailed it back there, and instantly fell in love with this Mallory gown. I REALLY love the train. OMG, I wish more designers would do this - its so stunning. I think this gown is the best item I have picked up from Baiastice.

SLURL: Baiastice, centro italia (127, 38, 23)

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    oooo you picked some wonderful choices :D