Remember those Kats Coats from artilleri that was blogged all over the place late last year? Well, artilleri is having a 50% off sale on some items, and some colors of those gorgeous coats are included! :D

artilleri Sale

I picked up the blue and maroon coats in this sale for only $100L each. omg. ^.^ There are several more items included in this sale, including adorable hair flowers, some skins, hair, dresses, tops - all kinds of things! I think I have most of the items on sale, so I only happened to pick up a couple colors of the coat that I didn't have yet ^.^

This is a sale that shouldn't be missed, and you still have a few more days to get there. I believe it ends on May 3rd, and you can find the sale items in the parking lot (or is it a drive-in?) next to the artilleri main store. There is a LM giver at the main TP point in case you get lost XD Hurry hurry! :D

In-World Location: artilleri, artilleri (92, 123, 26)

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