As soon as the notice from the Alienbear update group came through to me about some new pearl jewelry, I tp'ed right away.

Alienbear - Pearls

And omg, they are fantastic! I love these sets so much, and I am totally excited to see Alienbear trying her hand at pearls. She does everything so well, and these are no exception. If you made it to the opening hunt at the Haute Couture sim over the weekend and found Alienbear's gift, you've already got the blue version of these pearls. ^.^

Alienbear - RFL Peach Edition

There is also a peach pearl RFL version available to purchase. This set is more expensive, but comes with bracelets for both arms, earrings, a tiara, as well as the necklace. Now, as much as I love Alienbear's work, and very, very, very rarely do I find something I don't like about her jewelry... I did find something a bit weird on this set.

Alpha Issues on Alienbear's RFL Peach

I took a few pictures, and highlighted the problems, hoping someone else is having this problem - and not just me. It seems to go all weird with certain hairs. Two of my most favorite hairs, Eglantine and Jackie (as well as the not pictured Zero Style's Yaya), seems to sent this set into major spaz mode. Heavy alpha textured hair does not seem to go well with this set, which is a real bummer to me because my favorite hairs doesn't work with this. Or maybe this is just a weird glitch in my viewer thats easily fixable? It's so weird though, because the RFL set is the only one that has the alpha problem thing. TT_TT But - If someone knows how to stop this alpha thing from happening, please let me know - I'd be forever grateful. ^.^

UPDATE: Alienbear has so kindly fixed this alpha problem with a updated texture :D I've tested the new version in world with various alpha-heavy hairs, and have not seen any of the previous problems in it. ^.^

Visit In-World: Alienbear Jewelry, Bratz (194, 239, 29)

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    First Labyrinth thank you so much for your comment and do the donations to RFL in buying the peach pearl sets.^^

    Good eye of you that figuring out this problem on this set. Yes it is just the same as when you wear your alpha hair & stand in front of a alpha setting glass window, you will find that your hair is missing & look so funny lol

    Or when you make your prim dress in alpha settings without adding a solid prim inside, you will see all prims inside your prim dress when you turn your camera around your prim dress. & it look absolutely ugly.

    Lucky that the prim dress can solve this problem since you can just add the less alpha prim inside & all can solve. but in hair & tiny pieces of jewelry , I am afraid that unless Linden solve this problem, we can do nothing unless we don't use alpha. Since if there is a more smallest prim can be use, I don't need to use alpha lol so where can I find a solid prim to hide in my alpha prim lol

    If you try most of my Jewelry, it happened often since the smallest prim in SL can only be 0.1X0.1X0.1 which is absolutely big for being a part of jewelry pieces, so all I can do is make use of the alpha. That what I am using in the earrings. well as always. or I select make all things big but I think no one want to wear a "Head size"
    jewelries, at least tiny prim lovers don't want.

    But weird that the crown part. I figure it out too after reading your post. When I do the texture drawing in PS, I didn't set as alpha. But well I will check again if I set the alpha in my PS but I don't know.

    Thank you again for your comment. & if you feel not happy with this set. Please feel free to send me back these set & I am always happy to refund for you.

    Let's pray SL to solve this problem for us. Think this is same request for most designers in sl ^^

  2. I wear your jewelry almost every day, and I think I own every set you've ever made in at least one color. I've never, ever found a problem with any jewelry from you - which is why I found this alpha thing so weird.

    /me kicks SL and it's annoying alpha problems

    But - Thank you so much for the updated texture set! I will update the blog post accordingly. ^.^

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    I've found that if you upload a texture with no transparency as a png instead of a tga for use on a prim, they also have the alpha problem. I don't understand why though.

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    Those darn SL issues!!! But, this is beautiful!!!!!

    ~’~ Rylan Carling ~’~

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