I promised this post over the weekend, I apologize TT_TT. Anyway - the Illusions sale is happening :D :D OMG I was so excited. She announced the sale, *AND* released the new ears on the same day. I tell you, I was soooo happy XD

Illusions Sale - Fur Sole

The first thing I had to buy was the Fur Sole. This is one of the lucky chair gifts that she's selling for the first time. You would probably not believe how long I've spent in front of the chair, waiting for an "S" to come up. So, I was totally happy to see that I didn't have to wait for them anymore XD

Illusions Sale - First Edition Ears

Next thing I had to buy, was the first edition ears that are now on sale. I bought all three sets of these to see how well I would like these types of ears before the new ones came out. I had just figured out which tone works best for my skin when Siyu told me she was putting the new ear vendors up. O_O So, right now, I am currently trying to get my partner Bats to wear elf ears with me while these are on sale. :P

Illusions Sale - Pirate Hats

And omg - the pirate hats! I've always wanted these, but never thought I'd actually wear them. So, while they were on sale, I had to pick them up before they left for good. ^.^

Illusions Sale - Masks

Of course, this wouldn't be a sale post from Illusions without featuring some masks, right? The Phantom of the Opera mask. OMG. I will be going to see The Phantom of the Opera IRL at the end of May, so I was totally excited to see this on sale. Its probably only meant for male avatars - but I was determined to make this fit ^.^

So - the sale runs until May 3rd, and you can find them on the wall outside of the main store. Hurry and get the items you want, because they will be retired at the end. ^.^

SLURL: Illusions, Carnivale (209, 91, 33)

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    I picked them all up :) It was too good to miss ;D

  2. Oooo, me too! I probably bought a lot more than what I should have O_O

    Siyu doesn't have sales that often, but when she does.... omg - I spend all my money quota for a month and a half XD

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    Was the fur stole removed from the store after the sale? Or am I just too eager to see it? hehee... can't seem to find it in the store....

  4. The fur was a lucky chair gift, and should probably still be there.

    The sale is still going on, actually - and you can find the whole wall of sale goodness (including the fur) on the wall outside of the Illusions main store. ^.^