Usually, I don't blog freebies like these very often - but I find this one to be an exception. I am a freebie hunter at heart, and I love when designers offer freebies, and I love hunts. So, I was very excited when a free skin was sent to the bianca.F update group.

bianca.F Group Gift - Body

I am so in love with this skin - it like, has a beautiful glow to it. There are not very many skins that look good on my shape, and unfortunately, this is not one of them. I modified a shape I had already had in my inventory, and I think it turned out pretty well. But still - I still can't bring myself to permanently change my shape for this skin, so I forced my minion (most commonly known as my alt) to shed her Minnu skin and put this one on. I think she likes it too. ^.^

bianca.F Group Gift - Face

And omg - the FACE! zomg, the eyebrows... makeup... lips XD It's beautiful, and I think this skin maker definitely shows some promise. From what I understand is that she is a friend of Bianca Foulon's, and has some of her skins displayed at bianca.F. I could be wrong though. But either way, I will definitely be making another trip there to grab some demos of more of these skins.

As of this posting, the free skin is still in the notice archives or the Subscribe-o-Matic (HURRY, HURRY!), but these are stunning, and you should definitely pick up the other skin demos while you are there! ^.^

SLURL: bianca.F, Addictive (166, 162, 23)

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    love this skin, love it with the eyelashes too! where are they from?

  2. Ah, they are the "Deviant" lashes that came from a Deviant Nation skin I picked up from Last Call a long time ago.

    The skins are now sold at Celestial Studios - but I am not sure if the lashes are sold separately. TT_TT