Silks are normally not my thing. I was planning on avoiding the Analise 50% off sale for this reason. However, I gave in and TP'ed there last night, just to see what kind of things they have. And, omg, I was actually really pleasantly surprised. I was shocked at the amount of cute silks they have there, and I did a double take when I seen this one:

Analise - 50% Off Sale

I'm not entirely sure what makes a silk a "silk", but I don't think I consider this set one. I find this really adorable. It looks totally conformable and something that I want to lounge around the beach in. ^.^

The Analise sale lasts until April 6th, and its definitely worth checking out - even if you don't think you like silks :D Also note that the sale does not include clearance, RFL, or casual gear.

Visit In-World: Analise, Talana (151, 162, 55)

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    ooo you're right :) That's a special outfit!