Miabella - Zhao Shoes

Ok, Zhao Shoes is the best place to get shoes in SL. I am not kidding. Whenever I go into the shop, I just stand and drool at the awesomeness. Sorry for constantly turning you shop into a lake, Melanie! ^_~ Anyway, when she sent me a copy of the Miabella, I was excited to put them on and check them out. They do not disappoint. They are just as I expect from a Zhao Shoe. Amazing detail is put into each shoe, from the textures to the primwork. Though, my favorite part of this shoe - is without a doubt, the bow. Its totally adorable and I just love things with bows.

Zhao Shoes - Color Change

The most unique thing about these, that I noticed, is it comes with a HUD. When I first opened the folder, I was like, "Huh? Why would you need a HUD for shoes?" Of course, I quickly realized why. This HUD is pretty much the control unit of the shoes. You can change the color of the detail on the shoe (creating thousands of outfit possibilities!), control the bling, decide on which type of walking sound you want, and even change the volume in 10% increments. I have to say - this is definitely the most advanced shoe I have ever tried on. O_o Its totally awesome.

Though, I have to admit... on left side of the red left shoe, was one texture that refused to load for me. I logged out, cleared the cache, and rebooted, but it was not working. Must be time for a new PC. *Throws PC out the window*

What: Miabella Shoes
Where: Zhao Shoes, Kasba (15, 188, 640)

[EDIT] By the way... does anyone know how to get a blog feed onto Fashion World of SL?

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