Neko Ears

As someone requested, I'm writing another review of neko ears. These ears from ElectroCatz were my favorite for a while, until I found the Wynx ones. They are scripted in each ear, which means you have to change positions on them one at a time. They have three positions: Hunt (straight up), Relax (pictured on left), and Lazy (pictured on right). My personal favorite was always lazy, because it looks so darn cute~

It doesn't seem like they have twitching capabilites, but they have a 'Random' movement, that moves your ears in random positions. Another thing that is interesting about these ears, is they have a option that allows others to touch your ears. If someone (or yourself) touches them, it says something. Interesting? Yes, I think so. ^_^

I just wish that the creator of these ears would make a matching tail. I loved these ears, but I wished to have a tail that matched.

What: Black Neko Ears, $350L
Where: ElectroCatz, Avaron (181, 184, 25)

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