Curious Kitties - Flower Necklace

I love Curious Kitties. I have so much stuff from them, that it is almost scary. So, I rushed to the sim when I seen the blog post about their new Flower Necklace. I stood in front of the ad and drooled for a good 10 minutes before I finally purchased it. Saying I love this necklace isn't even close to how much I like it. It seems to be almost entirely made from sculpted prims, which is really cool. Its got cute little flowers throughout the length of the chain, and accented with awesome looking vines and leaves. I love it. They also come in a wide rainbow of colors to choose from!

What: Flower Necklace in black, $110L
Where: Curious Kitties, Curious Kitties (188, 223, 22)

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    So cutie!