Neko ears are my addiction. For most females, their addiction is shoes - mine is neko ears. I've been hunting down a good pair of pierced neko ears, and I think these pairs are reasonably good. The one on the left is the Wicked Neko in Black, and the one on the right is the Rope Neko in Black, both by SkinPop. When I first heard about SkinPop, all I could think about was: "Why would I go to a skin shop to get neko ears?" But - they sell all kinds of neko goodness there... and I can't even recall seeing a single skin sold.

Anyway, these ears are so adorable, with piercings, and cute little dangling goodness hanging from them. They are not scripted, and have no flexi, but they look good. They both come with tails, but my favorite items were definitely the ears. I haven't taken the Wicked Neko ones off since I put them on.

What: Wicked Neko in Black - $250L, and Rope Neko in Black - $150L
SLURL: SkinPop, Siam (24, 78, 27)

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    I love the piercings and Neko ears from Skin pop, only bad thing about them is they are NO mod.
    This is sad because they have a big black ball between the ears that can stick out of your head depending on your size.

  2. Ah yes, it really is a bummer that they are no mod. I guess it pays to have a big head sometimes! O_o

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    WOW! those are cute im buying a pair today.