I've waited for what seems like years for the new Deviant Kitties sim to open. Once they opened it a couple days ago, the sim was full. I kept trying and eventually got in! Yay~ So, I toured around, admiring the sim, which had me utterly confused at one point. Inside a tree is the skins, accessories are in buildings, and the hair is in an underground cavern under a labyrinth. It was... interesting. So, I made my way to the hair, and picked up tons of stuff. In each pack you get two colors, it seems. The Black pack came with Black and Coal (coal seemed a tiny bit lighter than black) and the punks came with two colors as well.


I'll start with the normal looking things. Hehe~ this is Binx in black, and Devo in black, both totally cute. They are definitely original, and look great. The Devo doesn't have flexi though, which I would have loved to see in this hair.


Now, the bizzare punky styles. On the left is Cyberlocks in punks, and on the right is Squeak in black. Now, as weird as it may sound, I love the Cyberlocks style. Its not really something I would wear all the time (and I'm sure my partner would kill me if I did!), but its totally weird, punky, and adorable in its own way.

I also picked up some awesome prim lashes while I was roaming around the skin section in the tree. I love the lashes, they are thick, long and totally amazing.

What: Binx in Black - $175L, Devo in Black - $175L, Cyberlocks in Punks - $175L, and Squeak in Black - $175L
Where: Deviant Kitties, Deviant Kitties (36, 52, 26)

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