Happy Halloween~ Today is the day I unveil my costume! I love this gown so much, I think I might wear it after Halloween is over.


Its the Last Call / Celestial Studios costume, Enchantress. I bought it a few weeks ago, but have been perfecting it with my own style and building on to it. This costume came with quite a few options, only one of which I pictured. It comes with a normal skirt option, as well as a tiered and slit option. All look stunning. This costume comes with wings (which I didn't wear - I am wearing the Reaper wings from Material Squirrel in this picture), a trident with particle effects, 2 pairs of shoes, a necklace (the one I am wearing in the picture came from Alienbear's pumpkin hunt), and much more!


The detail on this dress is stunning, as I would expect from any Last Call or Celestial Studios item. You can purchase this dress in two ways: with just the costume for $1200L, or the costume with the special Enchantress skins for $2500L. I am happy with my current skin, and didn't really want to spend that much lindens for a skin I'd only wear once, so I stuck with getting just the costume. Though - those skins were beautiful!

I don't think this costume will be sold after November 1st, so you may want to hurry and grab it while you still can!

What: The Halloween Enchantress - $1200L
Where: Last Call, Dazzle (128, 128, 0)

artilleri hunt

Another Halloween Hunt! This one is at artilleri, and you can hunt 20 skulls, each for $1L. Awesome goodies are in these skulls, I pictured the Kat coat (my favorite prize!), Lily skin, Jennae dress, and Rita hair, but there are tons more items that you can find. I spent over 2 hours hunting for these skulls, but it was a blast. These were hidden in random places, and some that made me go: O_o The prizes in these are all following the Halloween theme, by being orange in color. From the information she gave, she stated that this will go on until Saturday, so - happy hunting~ SLURL: artilleri, artilleri (91, 123, 26)

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    mmmm...I'm pretty sure that Celestial Studios and Last Call are closed for a few days. As is the whole quad. So I don't think you can get any of the costumes until they reopen.....which sorta defeats the point? Unless they are being sold somewhere else. Anyone know?

  2. Ack! I just tried to tp there - and it seems you are right! That is a total bummer... I hope they extend the sale of this dress for a few days, to give people a chance to get it, since they couldn't while the sim was down~