I think ZayZay is really on to something here. This is such an awesome idea, I spent all night last night thinking about waking up and purchasing them this morning. I love the toenails built in to heels. I went out and bought these, and couldn't wait to come home and put them on. They are menu-driven, and you have to chose a skin tone, so the toes will match and look normal. I wish their were more skin tone colors, because unfortunately... the toe color pictured was the best match to my skin.

But! The prim nails are absolutely awesome. I would love to see more of these heels. The nails are color changeable as the toes are, and can change to a wide variety of interesting colors. They even come with a Blue option. O.o

I love the simple design of the heel as well. Its cute and will work with several outfits. Ah, another thing I wanted to point out with these shoes is the walking sound. It has an adjustable volume, menu driven high heel walking sound. Its great for people who enjoy listening to them. I personally usually have my computer speakers off, so I don't hear anything.

What: Tootsie Dancers - $275L
Where: ZayZay, Asim Zahra (213, 184, 31)

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