I've had these for a while, I just now got around to posting about them. When I visited Amerie's Naughty, I immediately picked up this adorable sweater. I just couldn't pass it up. It comes with prim arm attachments as well as an attachment around your neck. Totally adorable. It can also be worn as a short dress, but I happened to like the jeans with it better.


I also happened to find a few skirts. I love them to pieces. There is lace and fur all over these, which is really awesome. I've never seen skirts like these before in SL... they have style with a little punkish feel to them. Ah, and they are not expensive at all. I spent about $90 a piece - a total steal ^_^

What: High-Necked Long Sweater - $100L, Night Goes On - $90L, Punk Skirt in Black - $90L, and Sesami - $90L
Where: Amerie's NAUGHTY, Yamate (85, 32, 23)

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