Two more Halloween Hunts! I tell you, with all the hidden goodies in the Second Life world, Halloween is almost becoming my favorite day! So, on to more hunt write-ups.

Hunt at Innovations

I visited the Innovations sim today, and seen they had a spider hunt! There are 21 spiders hidden throughout the building, all holding awesome prizes. Everything from amazing jewelry, hair and clothing were included in these spiders. Above, I pictured my favorite prizes - the Grand Opening Gown in Red, and Teal. I'm not entirely sure when this ends, so hurry~. SLURL: DG Innovations, Innovations (102, 155, 40)


And - the hunt I've been waiting for - Alienbear's. This one was really different than the ones I've previously attended. Alienbear sent the hunters to each of her mini locations, where a item was hiding. To help you along the way is little clever clues, that even had me stumped a few times. There are 20 items (not just pumpkins or spiders - actual items) hidden throughout her locations, and each item is $25L. It was fun, and I made off with some awesome stuffs! I love the pictured Arachine necklace and earring set that was one of the items. This hunt ends on November 1st. SLURL: Le'Bear Castle, Bratz (201, 210, 27)

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